on a rainy day in October

Rainy days and Mondays? My dog, Daisy, looks so bored.
What let her down is just the rain fall.

Fortunately in my area September rain fell relatively gently despite of approaching typhoon, and it cooled me down physically and mentally. I was more reflective than usual in the midst of the rapid change of climate. 
 It was like already long ago when we had a relentless heat wave.

Today it is rainy. We haven't had much rain for a little while since the last typhoon 
brought various damages around near here, in Kansai region too. And until recent days the temperature was as high as that of late summer again.
Today's rain fall made the climate much closer to the real calender. 

In my garden some Japanese limes are growing slowly, being barely visible from underneath of the leaves.

Unknown plants have settled down nearby the lime tree and have massive tiny flowers.

Some of them started to have some seeds which look like berries. Anyone knows the name of this plant?

Recently my youngest son told me his determination of remarriage in near future.

Listening to the sound of rain fall I thought of the months and years which have passed since he divorced. Regardless to be single or not I'm a little anxious mother about my three sons and a prayer for their future as all of mothers are so.


Have listened to 

numerous tapping sound of rain

on my umbrella,

I put it down

dropping a few rain drops from it

Rain in Autumn,  in the midst of October, with ripple-chills brings myself to create something.
As it is just not good enough to compose some tanka poems, I tried to make a small chair of eight milk cartons and of some old clothing fragments, for my little grand daughter.  
Each of the small scrappy holds memories when I was young and my sons were kids.

Come rain or come shine, the chair will be waiting for your visit, little lady.

I do not dislike autumnal rain, besides I hope the following typhoon wont cause much damage.

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cosmos さんのコメント...

Little ladyがなんとも愛らしい!傘とブーツがおしゃれで可愛い。きっとおばあちゃまがつくったきれいな椅子が気に入ってくれるでしょう。

Jen さんのコメント...

Haricot, what a wonderful (full of wonder) post. First, I love the theme of rain and the different ways you address it throughout. Your tanka is lovely and so are your pictures. I really feel the rain and the wistfulness and beauty of these months of transition from the heat of summer (it does seem so long ago, although then it seemed like it would never end) to the chill of winter.

And your granddaughter is so adorable, beautiful, delightful. The ponytail, the curls, those pink boots! You are lucky to have her in your life and I'm sure she'll love the sweet chair. I know what you mean about the need to create--I'm the same way.

And I'm glad you included a picture of Daisy!

haricot さんのコメント...




"about the need to create--I'm the same way", your new plan is fantastic!
Daisy is a little timid girl, so she will be defeated or frightened by your cats and Cosmos' Coo.

☆sapphire さんのコメント...


いちばん下の息子さんのお幸せをお祈り申し上げます。雨がテーマの写真の数々、みんなよく撮れていますね。お孫さんですか?とっても可愛い! ワンちゃんもいい表情ですね。

haricot さんのコメント...



Red Rose. さんのコメント...


haricot さんのコメント...

Red Rose




sarah さんのコメント...

Come rain or come shine, the chair will be waiting for your visit,little lady.とてもハリコットさんの気持ちが表れて、いいなと思いました。又とってもかわいいlady ですね。
Have a nice day!

haricot さんのコメント...



Magia da Inês さんのコメント...


Bonitas fotos.
Eu também espero que não haja tufões.
Boa terça-feira!
Boa Noite!

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you very much!

stardust さんのコメント...

Daisyちゃんの表情に思わず顔がほころびました。ナイスショットです。お孫さんは男の子だけと思っていました。ハリコットさん似なのでは? 私も秋雨は嫌いではありません。10月の雨は気持ちよく物思いにふけらせてくれますが、11月の雨は冷たく淋しい気がして、なぜかいつも落ち込んでしまいます。

三男さんのご結婚おめでとうございます。 母としてのハリコットさんの祈りが少しずつかなっていきますように。

haricot さんのコメント...



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