on an observation deck and high land searching for autumnal colours

From an observation deck on Shin-Hodaka of 2156 meters high, for looking over Japan Alps with 360-degree view, in Gifu prefecture. Thanks to a rapid aerial gondola which goes up along the steep way, climbers can reach here quite efficiency.

In the  different direction different features of mountains can be seen.

An active volcano,Mt. Yake, is observed at the depth of this photo. This mountain is located on the border of Gifu and Nagano prefecture.

 The opposite side of Mt.Yake. This area is called Kamikōchi which is a high land of 1400 meters above sea revel, in Nagano prefecture.
When Mt. Yake exploded its life again in 1915 ( in Taishō period) ,this big eruption made a dammed lake. The lake is called Taishō lake.

A view of Taishō lake.

Azusa river pours into the lake. Ascending stream of Azusa river, various view of river, trees and plants are pleasure for eyes.

Visitors can breath clean air not only having been provided by various plants but also prohibition the use of cars.
There is establishment in this area for those who are affected with asthma.

鳥に影樹樹に眠りのあることを風よ告ぐべし未生の者に 内藤 明(1954~)

Wind must go and tell

to the unborn beings

such truth as

birds have their shadows

and trees have their own slumber

Akira Naitō 

This is a view from Kappa bridge which is one of the most popular spots in Kamikōchi.

Kamikōchi became to be world widely known due to introduction by Walter Weston (1860~1940), and nowadays is well known and popular hiking area in central Japan.

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What a spectacular place! Your first picture is breath- taking--I would like to try to paint that.

I love the tanka--one of my very favorites that you have posted.

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I've heard about Kamikochi so often! I hope I get a chance to visit it one day, but in the meantime, I can go on a virtual tour in your photos.

PS: I have a heavy workload this semester, so I've been neglecting other blogs (and my own!) rather badly, but I'll pop in whenever I can.

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内藤 明さんの詩素晴らしいですね。難しいですが、自分なりに理解して,直観的に好きだと思いました。唯一私が持っている英語版と日本語版の愛用写真の本。ターシャチュ-ダー”The Private World’の中で、彼女がMark Twain 、の 詩を引用してわたし達はみな月と同じで、光りと影があるのよ。人はバラ色のレンズを通して私を見ているけど・・と言ってる事を思い出して、本を引っ張り出してながめました。かなり意味が違うと思いますが。美しい自然から生まれた歌は心なごみますね。
Have a happy weekend! Tomoko

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Cardsharing Server

Thank you for your visit on my post and for having left your comment. It's so encouraging.
Have a nice Weekend!



Thank you very much.
I suppose that you spend your special time of weekend as usual.
I'm glad to hear your idea about this tanka.


You must have been very busy on your work at University.
I hope that you'll spend relaxing moments time to time.

Red Rose

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Ha-ha! I went on the same tour last year. Great photos, tho, better than mine.

GABRIELA さんのコメント...

Wonderful view of the mountains! Not so many colours...I think this year the colours will be difficult to enjoy! Too much heat in summer and too long a summer! Nature might feel tired by the ravages of heat and rains!
I like the view with the river flowing through the woods, it reminds me of the Oirase Gorges in Tohoku!
Thank you for noticing my posting and leaving a comment! Yes, it is true that the month of November inspires me with the many memories it brings back...This November I'll count 65 autumns and step into the rank of seniors.

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I visited the same places (+ Takayama) in June (pix on Flickr). Despite the different season, the top of Shin-Hodaka was swathed in swirling cloud, as in your wonderful pictures.

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Ótimo mês de novembro!
Bom fim de semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil ❥°º•.¸

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Thank you very much. As you wrote, the colours of foliage weren't so obviously changed because of the long summer, perhaps, though the clear air was good enough for taking a walk.


Thank you for your comment and for many
beautiful pictures. June is a good season for evacuating from the heat, I think.


Thank you for your lively comment as usual!❥°º•.¸

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Have a nice day!

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すばらしい霧に浮かぶ穂高連峰ですね! お写真もすばらしい!上高地は大好きです。焼岳、なつかしい! 中学2年生の時、上りました。私にとって初めての高い山でした。
それから短歌、いいですねぇ~~~!この歌、大好き! ご紹介くださってありがとうございます。

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These pictures are just amazing!

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Miejsce, które pokazujesz jest piękne. Są wspaniałe góry i jezioro. Pozdrawiam.
A place that you show is beautiful. These magnificent mountains and the lake. Yours.

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What a very remarkable picture from Shin-Hodaka ! I love it!
The red leaves offer a beautiful contrast, elsewhere in the post.

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Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the poem. The words "trees have their own slumber" made me so happy, I want to carry them with me all day.

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Thank you for visiting and writing like this.
I'll try to do my best, though I'm not good at photography.


Thank you very much.
I met many foreign visitors there. It's a nice place to observe nature feeling change of seasons.


This year we had lingering heat until middle of autumn, therefor the vividly red leaves were sparse.
Slightly different tinted red is one of characteristic features in autumn here.


To translate is not a piece of cake for me, so your comment is really encouraging.
Thank you and have a good week.

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❥ Bom fim de semana!

Susan ~ Southern Fascinations さんのコメント...

Your photos convey such beauty! The tanka is perfect... Nature has many truths to tell. We must learn to listen. Smiles to you...Susan

haricot さんのコメント...

Thank you very much!

"Nature has many truths to tell"---It's so true.
Thank you for your heartwarming comment.

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you are my aspiration , I own few blogs and rarely run out from to post : (.
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thank you for such a kind comment.
Have a nice weekend!