Heaven above, earth below

                          水原 紫苑(1959~)

I'm wiping the spilt milk

in absolute silence

in solitude

May flowers fill the fields

of heaven above and earth below Shion Mizuhara

This tanka poem was very difficult for me to understand for long time.

However, when I thought of 「こぼれたるミルク」(spilt milk) in English, I came to correlate it with the saying "It is no use crying over spilt milk."

Then, I understood that she might regret something in the former lines.

She mentions tremendously broad world as her ideal in the latter lines that make readers imagine the words by Buddha, "Heaven above, earth below, only I am holy."

(花野 flower field might be cherry blossom fields according to traditional interpretation, though I dare to have translated it as fields full of flowers here.)

The former part and the latter one in a verse is well balanced in general, and if this tanka wouldn't be an exceptional, her regret must be profoundly important matter that is related to her fundamental issue.

As far as I can imagine, love is one of the most important and fundamental matters for human beings, though love has its variety from self-centred one to agape.

And, it is quite difficult that we conquer and sublime the sense of possessions when we concern with love, I think.

                                    内藤 明(1954~)

I hoard one thing

that I had not have

from the very beginning,

as if I have lost it

the very thing   Akira Naitoh

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ruma さんのコメント...

The deep green of the tea leaf is dazzling.
The cultivation scenery is art.

I am enlightened by your splendid works.
Thank you for the beauty...

Have a good weekend.


stardust さんのコメント...

You might not like this expression, haricot, but your post is like a discourse on "tanka" to those who are not well equipped to interpret tanka like me. Your words are great help to me, especially regarding the first one this time.

We can't expect love in return and we can only wait for it to grow in the other's heart. As to the second tanka, unfortunately love doesn't seem to have grown in her heart but he'll be content someday because love grew in his. I mean 残念ながら彼女の胸で彼への愛は育たなかったかもしれないけれど、彼の胸では愛があふれていた、そのことに満足できる時がいつかきますよ……とおばちゃんは言いたいです。

Celeste さんのコメント...


Vos images nous font voyager.....
les fleurs sublimes.......
les rizières......
bon revenons à luxembourg.....

Amitiés Celeste

redrose さんのコメント...

Hello Haricot!
Have a good weekend!

cosmos さんのコメント...

I have often looked up at a beautiful sky, where white clouds of various forms and shapes in combination with lights and shades against sky-blue or soft pale orange canvas make exquisite world. Your pictures of skies enhance my feeling of yearning for something infinite. So moving! The color of the sky with the sun's evening glow is called "朱鷺色"?

Thank you for introducing another beautiful tanks. Without your interpretation, I couldn't have appreciated them. What a sensibility!


Thank you for insightful post, haricot.

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you very much.
Your comment gave me such an encouragement.

Have a nice weekend!

Thank you for your comment.
Maybe to love is more precious experience than to be loved, and as you mentioned we will notice it later on ...


J'ai ravi d'ecouter de votre voyage d'esprit.
Vous avez beaucoup d'imagination.
Je vous remerci.

Thank you for your kind comment.


Thank you for your comment.
I can suppose well about your favour of sky by your comment.
Sky has really a variety of features and it's never boring.

Have a good weekend, to all of you.

snowwhite さんのコメント...

I have a quite different image about the first poem. I felt as if she were in or seeing the flower field as vast as the heaven and earth.
I'm not so sure the connection of the first part and the last one. I did not feel her regret.Maybe, you are right.こぼれたミルクをぬぐうという日常の生活に突如として異次元ともいうような天上天下の花野がでてくる。なんか、飛んでいるというぐらいの場面展開です・・・。感覚としてはわかるような気もします。Reading class で話していた芸術家はeccentric(いい意味で) が浮かびました。ふくと言わずしんとぬぐふというのはスゴイ表現ですね。

The second one is too sad. He tries to think as if he lost what he had never had from the beginning. 秘める辛さが倍になったような気がします。


sarah さんのコメント...

I admire sensibility and expressing of these poets. The latter one leaves clues to get his feeling. So he is full of quiet passion like a sunset.
The former one is difficult to get it. I can't get the context though colors of milk and flower are almost white but everyday incident and above heaven, beyond earth.So to speak, a small world and a large world.After all I can't get it. But thank you for giving me a chance to ponder.

Jenny Woolf さんのコメント...

And I think that the blossom above are the small clouds, echoing the blossom below on the ground. This is the hint that I get from your photograph.

haricot さんのコメント...

Thank you.

As you wrote, the contrast of small world with the big world is one theme, I think as well.
The former one is still very difficult for me to appreciate.
Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for revisiting and having left an interesting comment.
Yours gave me a hint, too.

☆sapphire さんのコメント...


紫苑さんの歌、いいなぁ!この歌、大好き!haricotさんが書かれている解釈もいいなぁ!この短歌で、「なるべし」と最後なっていますよね。これキーかも。私は、歌人の決意というか、強い意志のようなものを感じるのですが・・・その前に「しんとぬぐふとき」「しんと」と「なるべし」が呼応してね。勝手なことを言って入る穴がないかな?内藤さんのは、澄み切った諦観を感じますが、もがいている私にはちょっと高すぎる境地かしら? 最後の夕焼けの写真、とてもきれいです。鉄塔が写っているのもナイス。

haricot さんのコメント...


andreiraduM さんのコメント...

Hi, haricot

Sensitivity and beauty.
A splendid week.

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you for revisiting and having left this kind comment.

Have a nice day.

ruma さんのコメント...

The fresh green glistens in seasons.
Breathing of the Nature.
I feel them.

明けてなほ しずくたたふる 深みどり

Have a good weekend.

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you for having left your own Haiku.

It is refreshing for me to read it.