walking around in the field of Oze(尾瀬)

My husband and I spent our last weekend at Oze(尾瀬).
Oze is a huge highland marsh, a wide basin, on the borders between three
prefectures, Gunma, Fukushima and Niigata. ( map is here)
Actually where we visited was Oze field,a part of the marsh, located
1,400 meters above sea level.
As the field is a basin surrounded by mountains visitors have to descend for
there from a certain point called Yama-no-hana, literally a nose of a mountain,
foot by foot on a narrow boardwalk and partly on stone steps.

As the boardwalk is slippery, even some experienced hikers are getting down on it very  prudently.

For a begginer like me it took more than one hour to get the plateau.
To have this view after some hard walking was so cool and relaxing.

Some bogs are gentle reminders of the huge marsh.
It was just after the official announcement of the end of the rainy season
in Kanto region, but in this area the season was not yet over, and we had faint flurry. 

人ひとり想ふひそかさなんとなく雨が似あふも尾瀬のはつ夏 今野 寿美(1952~)
I'm walking in the field of Oze

letting be a person on my mind,

It goes quite well with

jot and quiet rain

of early summer
(Sumi Konnno)

On the highland with lower temperature, a little rain and breeze, I felt it was
like early summer as the poem says, while the Meteorological Agency told that
it was like high summer around my residential area during the days.

This field is famous for Mizubashou(水芭蕉),or skunk cabbage, but their season
is almost over.

 Instead, コバイケイソウ(小梅蕙草、Veratrum stamineum)are in full boom now and the flowers protect themselves with their poison from be eaten by bears as many flowers of skunk cabbage are done.

I found several Nikkou-kisuge, or Hemerocallis on the field as well.

The season of the field colored with the light orange of the flowers will come soon.

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Pierre BOYER さんのコメント...

Marvelous walk....
Best regards from France,


Jenny Woolf さんのコメント...

Interesting plants, some of which are completely unfamiliar to me. That boardwalk is surprisingly narrow in parts. Still, I am always grateful for boardwalks in wet and soggy landscapes. It looks like a great place to go for a walk.

Red Rose. さんのコメント...

しい草原そして可愛い花花。頑張って長く歩いた甲斐がありましたね。今野 寿美さんの歌はじめじめしたこの暑さの中、さわやかでロマンチックにさせてくれました。

Jen さんのコメント...

What an interesting place, and you describe it so well. I've never been to a highland marsh--it's a whole new landscape for me. The field surrounded by mountains is so beautiful--I'm sure a lot of artists have painted it.

That is quite a hike you had to make to get there! I am so impressed with all the natural beauty in your country.

cosmos さんのコメント...

コバイケイソウが涼しげです。skunk Cabbageはちょっと身も蓋もないですね^^
雨にjotと quietを補足されたのですね。しっとり降る雨は心と対話させてくれますね。

sarah さんのコメント...

Have a nice day!

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you for this.
Bonne journee!


We had to wipe out our shoes before we started to walk in the area, because some seeds could be carried with our shoes.
The species are carefully protected.

Red Rose



It was good experience for me to realize the both aspects, gentle and strict, of nature.
Thank you for your kind comment.





stardust さんのコメント...

夏が来れば思い出す♪・・・、ハリコットさんも遠い空の彼方に尾瀬を思われるでしょうね。尾瀬は水芭蕉で有名ですが、夏はさまざまな花がさいているんですね。ちなみに白い水辺の妖精たち水芭蕉は Marsh liliesと呼びたいです。夏のもの思う心には晴れわたった空よりも梅雨空が優しい。酷暑を忘れ、沼を渡る涼しい風を感じました。

Susan ~ Southern Fascinations さんのコメント...

Haricot.. Thank you for taking us with you on your trip to Oze. Your photos are lovely. You captured the massive beauty of the plumes of white flowers beautifully. I felt as if I could step into your lovey pictures of the boardwalks. It is such fun to read about your country and its natural beauty! Thank you for sharing! Susan

haricot さんのコメント...




I'm glad to hear your impression of stepping into the photos.

Thank you for your lovely comment.

Dave King さんのコメント...

A fabulous post. So good to have such an introduction to what is obviously a fabulous place. Wonderful! Much thanks.

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you for your visiting.
Please take care of you.

Louisette retriever さんのコメント...

Always pleasure to visit you, wonderfull fotos,Have nice days summer.

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you very much for your visiting.
You, too, have good days.

☆sapphire さんのコメント...


尾瀬にいらしたんですね。奈良からだと時間がかかったのではないでしょうか。でも尾瀬は絶対行く価値がありますよね。信州や那須なんかもいいけど、尾瀬には他と比べものにならない独特の魅力がありますもの。コバイケソウ、綺麗に咲いていますね。私は尾瀬の帰りにその近くの温泉に寄るのですが、どこかで汗を流されました? この短歌、知りませんでした。とてもいい歌ですね。アップしてくださってありがとうございます。

haricot さんのコメント...