on a rainy day

We are in the rainy season, called Tsuyu, in Japan now. It takes about one month to come to the end of the season, moving the rain front from west to east.

This dismal weather, however, is important for water supply in upcoming summer and for good harvest in autumn.

Hydrangeas in my garden started to colour at last. They are late in bloom because there is less light by adjacent walls of my neighbours.

Any way hydrangeas become well with rainy days.

I'll go to see them in the drizzle walking around my residential area a little.

I'm walking alone but I don't feel lonely, for I've invited my brother's soul to listen to the sound of rain of tapping lightly on my umbrella. He passed away four days ago. He was five younger than I, and it was too late to go through an operation when his cancer of oesophagus was found out about one year ago.

The language of flowers on hydrangea signifies change of heart as many of them turn from faint colour into deep one, in blue, pink and purple.

Among them white hydrangeas do not change their colour if we could say white is a colour.

I like their atmosphere as if they dream whitish dreams.

Seeing colourful hydrangeas in rain fall, like a door opened, I suddenly remembered the day when I visited a river side in Nishinomiya in Hyogo prefecture this April. It was a bright day.

A great earthquake attacked mainly Hyōgo Prefecture  in 1995. 1.17. and it brought more than 6,000 victims consequently.

By the Nigawa river, land slide occurred and 34 people's lives include students living in lodging were lost.

One of my accompanies who visited there is a volunteer who is taking care of the slope after that disaster, planting some flowers and helping the maintenance of a memorial hall and a monument.
The woman who is working for the flowers, shibazakura or Phlox subulata, is a doll like a scarecrow.

In the memorial hall, a painting of God of Mercy was beholding on souls of the victims.

And, at the opposite side of the slope many hydrangeas were planted.
They must be in full bloom now.

By a shrub of hydrangea a tiny flower, hotaru-bukuro or Campanula punctata Lam., is blooming.

I like the naming hotaru-bukuro, literally meaning sac for firefly.
I saw many flying fireflies above rivers when I was a kid.

We need daily effort more for depollution and to call them back to rivers. I really want to see their translunary flies again.

紫陽花はほっかり咲いて青むともひとよたやすくほほゑむなかれ 今野 寿美

Even when a hydrangea opens up

in heavenly blue

Please refrain from

letting ease your mind easily

and smiling of vanity

by Sumi Konno(1951~)

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Dave King さんのコメント...

Count your blessings. We have the same weather and it IS summer!

Sy さんのコメント...

beautiful post x

In My Wild Eden さんのコメント...

I am sorry about your brother and the other sadness-es you wrote about but I am glad you do not feel alone. Your post and your pictures are beautiful as always.

chasing lightning bugs さんのコメント...

i am so sorry to hear of your brother's death. i remember reading about him before.....his paintings were strong and vibrant pieces. you have written beautifully of your sorrow.....

stardust さんのコメント...

Sorry to hear about your loss of the brother, and I’m surprised he passed away so quick. I remember your recent post about his etching art exhibition. When my heart is down, I feel consoled in the softly falling rain and I feel so worn out under the sun like drooping hydrangeas. I think hydrangeas are consoling you, changing their colors deeper like “ojizo-sama” trying to save people changing his figures. Someday soon your memories of him give you smiles and strength.

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Celeste さんのコメント...

Salut Haricot,
toutes mes condoléances pour le décès de votre frère " Ce qui est beau ne meurt pas, cela se transforme en une beauté différente "
Bravo pour ces merveilleuses photos de cette sublime fleur.......
Amicalement Celeste

Jen さんのコメント...

Dearest Haricot,

I am so sorry about the passing of your brother. Your words and pictures here are lovely and moving and filled with meaning and emotion. I remember your brother's powerful art. I am reaching across the world to you with affection and compassion, my friend.



snowwhite さんのコメント...

I am so sorry to hear your brother passed away. Your brother is always in your heart. You can listen to rain falling, enjoying hydrangeas with him.
Maybe I told you this before. I was very sad as I lost my father and later my cat. One day, my father appeared holding my cat in my dream. He was taking care of my cat, smiling happily. I thought sooner or later I would see them again.
It is too sad to hear especially the passing away of someone who was younger than I.

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haricot さんのコメント...

Thank you very much for your words.
Indeed, it's summer!

Thank you for stopping by this post and having left your comment.


Thank you for your heartful comment. I always enjoy your posts, your poems and images.

I came to know your name through Jen's nice blog. Thank you for visiting mine. I'm really consoled.

Merci beaucoup pour votre mots gentils. Et votre citation toujours me fait penser et ca me fait etre calme.


I cried reading your comment.
Thank you veru much for your heartful words.

Red Rose