One day trip

My husband and I have not done any stay-over trip this year.

He brought up the idea of going to Hiroshima, while I wanted to postpone it because I have many things to do at home in December.
He said to me," Next year is another year and I don't know what will wait for me." So, I decided to do the one day trip together.

Although Hiroshima evokes the tragedy of atomic bomb, where he wanted to visit was an island called Miya-jima, where an old shrine, Itsukushma-shrine, is located on.

Once I took on a train I forgot the bustle month of preparing for coming new year,and started to enjoy the scenery through the train window.

From the nearest station we got on a small ferry and soon a great Torii ( gate of shrine) became to be seen.

Generally there is a place in front of the shrine to wash the hands and rinse the mouth for purification.

In the case of this shrine the place is just next to sea water.

Itsukushima shrine was built by a powerful Heike clan on the day, about 1,400 years ago. In Japan there is no other structure of shrine like it. Walking through the corridor I felt as if I was moving on the sea.

It is said that when the tides has gone out people can pass through the Trii- gate on foot.

And when some big typhoon comes the corridor becomes to be beneath of the sea level, and such condition is sometimes released on TV.

Near the shrine, there is a valley called Momiji-dani(Valley of maple trees), and we walked viewing the coloured leaves for a while.

We also saw several deer on the small island.

There are hundreds of deer in Nara park near of my residence area, though we never see deer by the sea, because Nara prefecture is a basin.

Now we have to return to Nara.

Bye bye Hiroshima, and thank you the Sun for shining through the clouds sometimes.

突如そこに生まれしごとき大鳥居 夢にてもわが眺めておりぬ  haricot

It just looks like

it was born all of a sudden there,

Such a huge Torii-gate

I give it a long look

in my dream as well

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Dave King さんのコメント...

Wonderful photographs - and a superb commentary to match. Much thanks.

Jen さんのコメント...

Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful side of Hiroshima. I'm glad your husband talked you into going. That shrine is amazing.

sarah さんのコメント...

When I visited there the tide had gone. So I saw many small crabs near the shrine. But the view when the tide had come is beautiful.
The sunset is also beautiful.
You had a nice short trip with your husband.
Have a lovely week.

In My Wild Eden さんのコメント...

What a beautiful day. The pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your visit with us.

Red Rose. さんのコメント...

Have a great week.

In My Wild Eden さんのコメント...

I mentioned you in my post today. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Macy さんのコメント...

So peaceful!

Celeste さんのコメント...


encore une série de photos qui nous laissent rêveurs........
Magnifiques couleurs d'automne.


snowwhite さんのコメント...

I visited Miyajima when I was a university student. I was taught formal worship is to go through that big Torii by a boat from the sea and visit main hall. Once I want to do this formal worship, but I don't know whether there is a boat service.
Autumn leaves add special charm to your post! They are always some kind of symbol to us.
How do the deer live in Miyajima? They are also divine messengers?

stardust さんのコメント...

紅葉が最高潮のいい時に行かれましたね。まだ12月の初め、年末の用事はいつでもできますよ。(なんて。) 私はまだ厳島神社にはお参りしたことがありませんが、このポストを見て、必ず行こうと思いました。皆さんのご意見から、満潮の時に行ってみたいと思います。紅葉饅頭は買われましたか?

haricot さんのコメント...


Much thanks for you.


I enyoed the short journey to the island. Thank you for visiting and reading it.


I suppose that the landscape in hight tide would be quite different, and I'm curious about it. Thank you.

In my wild Eden

Thank you for visiting my blog.
I enjoy your poem and pictures.

Red Rose

Thank you for your comment.


Thank you for your comment.
Have a nice weekend.


Merci beaucoup votre commentaire comme d'habitude.
Je suis contente d'avour ecoute la votre.


Thank you for your comment


Thank you very much.

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Jenny Woolf さんのコメント...

What an interesting place, and how wonderful the maples are. If I get to Japan I shall look for the place to clean yourself before entering the temple. It is wonderful that it is so very, very old. I don't think there is much in England that is that old, and in fact 1400 years ago was called the Dark Ages.

Ekaterina Trayt さんのコメント...

To be honest I don't know much about Hiroshima, except for atomic bomb. Now thanks to you I got to visit that area through your photos. I like this seaside temple, I wonder how many places like this are on Earth. It looks intriguing.