Walking on an autumn afternoon

The new town where I live now used to be vast hilly area that had many up and down. The nearest station was only for students of University, and then land development was proceeded widely that ended up to make it a big bed town.

Even now, some wild weed and flowers are seen along the railroad or on some vacant small land. Some wild flowers started their puffs to be blown away.

Thus lives are handed down to the next generation.

Polygonum longisetum(イヌタデ)are also seen by the road. When I was child I called this wild flowers as " Aka- manma" that literally means red-rice which refers the rice cooked with red beans especially for celebrations.
Seeing the flowers I thought of a tanka poet who passed away in last August, at age 63, Yuko Kawano. She often sang some wild flowers like Akamanma, bindweed(ヒルガオ)and wild cosmos as her favourite.

In 1980s, some ideas of feminism came to the forefront.

In the genre of tanka poem, as well as other genres, some discussions on feminism were held sometimes loudly sometimes intriguingly.

Some wrote tanka poems from the situation of unmarried cohabitation and some did as former student movement activists.

Among them Kawano's writing was always down to the earth. Her voice was not loud but powerful so that readers heard hers of bottom of her heart and felt the importance of daily life.( You can read some of them via here)
Her voice was also definitely one of representatives of feminism.

Thinking of her I walked by an elementary school. There pupils rose their cheerful voice. I stole a glance into the world of younger generation between a fence.

 I came to a park after about twenty minutes' walking.

I found a Magnolia kobus (コブシ), which has many white flowers in spring ,bears some red fruits.

magnolia kobus via Flickr
Between the branches a large cobweb is hanging and a tiny spider is sitting on it.

立体にウェッブ張りている蜘蛛を若き虚業家おもいて見あぐ  haricot

Seeing a spider

on a web of three dimension

I pictured to myself

a young entrepreneur

who dreams World Wide Web

Through the foliage I saw three naked women who were supporting a fountain tower without water sprout.
I named them, " Three Graces in Autumn".(Three Graces in Primavera(Spring)

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Jen さんのコメント...

I love the way you find beauty everywhere and always give us some deeper meaning. I also love the poems you share. The park is very beautiful and so are the three graces.

匿名 さんのコメント...

Beautiful images. (:

Jenny Woolf さんのコメント...

This is a nice post. When you said you lived in a new town I imagined somewhere that was bleak and not interesting, but your pictures show me that I was completely wrong. I love your poem about the spider and the web - most people envisage a web as a trap, but you see it as an opportunity to go to places which have not been visited before. A spider's web can create a path across the open air, where one did not exist before....

Dave King さんのコメント...

Beautiful pictures. I could all but smell the flowers.

sarah さんのコメント...

Three Graces in Autumn is nice,fun name. I like the picture "Spring" as I saw it and birth of the Venus in italy. I thought it's fun, too that seeing a spider,you think of 虚業家. In spite of a short walk, you can find many things. Greate!

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Celeste さんのコメント...

Salu Haricot.

belle promenade dans la magie de l'automne, qui nous offre une si belle palette de couleurs.
Très belles photos.


Red Rose. さんのコメント...


Have a lovely weekend.

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APO (Bem-Trapilho) さんのコメント...

your blog is very very beautiful!!!
big hug from Portugal!

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you very much.
Your comments are always encouraging.
Have a great weekend.

Intewerweb Fail

Thank you for visiting my blog.
You're from North Pole?
Don't get a cold.


Thank you for your kind comment.
For me to stanslate is a tough work, so I'm afraid that tanka would be well conveyed. Your reading is superb, though.


Thank you for your comment.
I appreciate your visiting.


The real paintings by Botticelli must be wonderful.
Thank you for your comment.

Red Rose

Thank you very much for your comments which make me think about.


Merci beaucoup pour avoir ru mon blog, quand vous etes occupee pour fair tant de pulls.
Tres bon weekend a vous,


Thank you very much for visiting this blog.
Portugal must be very beautiful.

cosmos さんのコメント...

なるほどそうですね。「虚」イコールネガティブという事ではないですね。「空」にもつながるわけですね。つい辞書の文字通りの意味に頼ってしまいますが、もっと右脳を豊かにしないといけませんね。ほんとにJenny さんの解釈すばらしいですね。

stardust さんのコメント...

読者の方々の感想をみたあとでの感想になってしまいますが、haricotさんの英語訳だけを見れば、私も、破れそうにみえるがつよい糸を懸命にはりながら、空・夢に向かっていく蜘蛛と企業家たちの姿を客観的に思いました。 Jennyさんの解釈はさらに新しいことに挑戦する人へのエールもこめられて素晴らしいです。  

私事ですが、姪の結婚で横浜に行っており訪問が遅れました。11/11/11は風雨が強く12月並みの寒さの中、横浜のベイエリアを我慢大会のように歩いてきました。雨にけむる紅葉も悪くはないですね。(笑)  このポストのコースは私の散歩コースのひとつです。ダイアモンドテニスクラブの横の坂から鶴舞西のマンション通り経由で大渕橋公園、大渕池をめぐり、帰ります。見慣れた風景、でも毎回、新鮮な感動を受けます。 先週は小学校の校庭の紅葉に見惚れました。”Three Graces in Autumn” ・・・ いい名前です。

haricot さんのコメント...