Small change to autumn

Some moderate change of the season around me gives small but remarkable findings sometimes.

Some small fruits of Callicarpa japonica, Murasaki shikibu in Japanese that was taken after the name of author of The Tale of Genji , are going to turn into white from green, and from white to purple.

In autumn we have rainfall including that of typhoon once in a while, and it tends to last a couple of days.

 In fact the last typhoon showered 2,400mm during four days regionally ( southern part of Nara prefecture and Wakayama prefecture).
I offer my condolences for the people who suffered damage.

 It was not a small change at all. On seasonal matters ,not so big change must be a lucky one.

 A tiny spider ,which is up side down , looks floating in air and aiming the watery sky instead of waiting for his prey, before the arrival of the typhoon.

It cleared up at last.

Textoria trifida , Kakure-mino in Japanese, blooms without any particular distinction,
though a little butterfly found it. We can see some sort of butterflies until late in autumn.

Before, I made this tanka when I saw a butterfly in cooler season.

石の上にとまりてをりし砂色の蝶飛び去りぬ 背中が寒い

A sandy little butterfly

on a stone flew away

and has gone,

I felt faint cold on my back

like the butterfly flew away

My neighbour's dogwood tree began to bear some red fruits, while some of them are still whitey.
The red ones are starlings' favourite and they will be gone sooner by the birds who were waiting for their riping.

My neighbour gave me some seeds of Cardiospermum halicacabum, Fūsen-kazura in Japanese, which has many orange coloured tiny paper balloon (fūsen)-like flowers during summer.

Each has a white heart mark on it.

I will check the suitable season for sowing the seeds.

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stardust さんのコメント...



Jen of Country Weekend さんのコメント...

Very beautiful and poignant words and pictures--the whole post is like a poem. I can feel what you are describing, deep down.

Celeste さんのコメント...

Salut Haricot,
Encore de belles photos que vous partagez avec nous,j'ai dans mon jardin un Callicarpa, et ces graines avec les coeurs une beauté, ainsi que le papillon.

La beauté naît du regard de l'homme. Mais le regard de l'homme naît de la nature.
Hubert Reeves

あなたの友情に感謝する Celeste

cosmos さんのコメント...

フウセンカズラの種、ほんとにハートがついてますね。可愛い!種を飾っておきたいです(^ ^)



snowwhite さんのコメント...

I love this expression, a sandy butterfly! This is a great poem which implies what will happen to this tiny creature soon… transience. The little spider seems as if it were climbing an invisible web to the sky. Lovely photos and splendid words as usual.
Have a great week!

sarah さんのコメント...

I am sad to hear that the victims of this typhoon are more than one hundread. There seems to happen a lot of things we never think. I pray a quik recovery.
I also feel a little visit of autumn nowadays. A little bit kind of melancholy though I like autumn.
Thank you for sharing great tanka.
Have a lovely week ahead.

ruma さんのコメント...

Hello, haricot.

The arrival of this autumn may be somewhat early.
The change of the season lets the heart soften.

The season is good for your hometown.

Thank you.

Jenny Woolf さんのコメント...

The idea of seeds with a heart on them is very poetic. Is there some folklore attached to the seeds for this reason?

I like the poem very much.

haricot さんのコメント...



Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I really hope that everything will be OK as fast as possible, including your country.

Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire gentile comme d'habitude.
Cette phrase est tres jolie et interessante.

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you for reading and having left your kind comment.


I'm happy that you've felt transience on the expression.
Recent blue sky is so refreshing, and also it reminds me of the sky that we saw on TV on the 9.11.
Something changed widely in the world after that.
Natural transience is fantastic though...


Thank you for your gentil comment.
I also wish the recovery as fast as possible about aftermath of flood in addition to that of tsunami. So big disastor occured this year.

haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you for visiting.
I remember well about your post that showed the smoke arising from the field in autumn.
I suppose you will walk around your favorite places.
Have a nice time.

The heart marks are not painted but designed by God. It's a bith mark on each seed.
Thank you for your comment.

ruma さんのコメント...

Hello, haricot san

Your the delicacy is very refined.
The grand works.


haricot さんのコメント...


Thank you very much for revisiting, ruma.
I appreciate your encouragement.